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Indimasi village

Authentic Ayurveda & Yoga village India

Experience the healing powers of Mother Nature

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Inner Senses offers you an opportunity to experience authentic Ayurveda & Yoga treatments in a beautiful healing environment in India.

The Indimasi Ayurveda & Yoga village offers full service packages and is open for people that are seeking better health. Indimasi provides an opportunity to experience the healing powers of Mother Nature.

The Ayurveda & Yoga village is a life-long dream of Guru Yogi Shivan, that has now become a reality. It has its origins in India’s traditional health management system.

Amanda Dries, owner of Inner Senses, met Yoga Guru Yogi Shivan back in 2008 during his visit in Holland. He introduced her into Ayurveda and has been guiding her ever since on her spiritual journey. Now almost 10 years later Yogi Shivan realised his miniature version of what he envisions for the whole world.

Indimasi - the concept

At Indimasi, healthcare integrates body, mind and spirit through Ayurveda (yoga & Ayurveda) and Kundalini Yoga. The wellness village has this offering to make to the world: teaching the key to living in harmony with the laws of nature. The human body, in spite of the fast-paced ways of the world, can be trained to consume the elements of nature in the best way possible. Nature is the source of disease and cure within the human body. There are many ways to beat an illness as practised over the ages in India. Of all the paths, Kundalini Yoga remains the most recommended by ancient sages. A serious spiritual seeker is welcome to discover this school of yoga at Indimasi under the mentorship of Yogi Shivan

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People searching for better health naturally


The INDIMASI Ayurveda & Yoga village is located in the mountains of Kerala, India. It is a state in Southern India and known as a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches.

The village is established on the principle of leading a life of sharing and caring in co-existence with Mother nature.



The nearest airport to get to the village is Thiruvananthapuram. The fastest flight makes 1 extra stop in Mumbai and your journey can take approximately 13 hours, depending on the waiting time in Mumbai.

Indimasi offers free travel services from the Thiruvananthapuram airport. The village is 20 km from the airport. During your stay at the village your can use the travel service to visit the city, beaches and other interesting locations.




INDIMASI Yoga Village is established on the principle of leading a life of sharing and caring in co-existence with Mother nature. 

There are 6 differents rooms.

Eat quality food from Indimasi organic farm



Food has great healing power and a proper diet can significantly improve the quality of life. That’s why they incorporated organic farming and a dairy farm. The village harvest organically grown fruits and vegetables which are available through our in-house Yogic restaurant.



The lush green, nine-acre campus has a treatment facility, residential villas and amenities such as a swimming pool, outdoor theatre, meditation room, organic restaurant and research facilities for Kalarippayattu, Ayurveda, Yoga and traditional temple arts.

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