Yoga classes

Inner Senses offers yoga classes in a calm,  tranquill environment to uplift your health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda & Yoga emphasizes balance in all areas of your life!

60 min -

A combination of Yin and Vinyassa flow, bringing awareness and breath together, movement and alignment. Strengthening and energising the body.

Time classes:

09.15 on Tuesday morning Yin

09.15 on Friday morning Vinyassa

19.00 on Monday evening Yin & Yang


Derived from Daoism and Chinese medicine, using longer held postures that go deeply into the connective tissue, opening up the meridians energy channels that have a positive effect on the organs and immunity.

Time classes:

no classes scheduled yet

Yoga classes
60 min - € 13 single class
60 min - € 44 ( 4x stripcard)


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