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Upcoming workshops & trips

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4 week course 

Tuesday 10, 17, 24 October &

7 November

19.00 - 20.30 o'clock

HipBeats Workshop


Awaken the Feminine Within:

Introductory Dance Workshop to Movement. Are you ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey?

Price: € 80 (for 4 lessons)*

At Inner Senses, we believe in the power of movement and music to transform lives. Dance has been an ancient conduit for self-expression, a medium where one can truly get lost and find themselves all over again.

You will learn:

Discover Your Journey: Each step, each beat, and each movement is a voyage into the depths of your soul. Unearth stories and passions that have been hidden or forgotten.


🌸 Awaken the Feminine Within: Embrace the grace, power, and beauty that resides within you. Dance is not just movement; it's an embrace of the feminine essence, a celebration of its power.


🌊 Experience Fluidity: Like water, let your body flow. Let the trance of the music and the rhythm guide you, unveiling a fluidity you never knew you had.


🔥 Release Negative Emotions: Channel your emotions, both the highs and the lows, into the dance. Let the music guide you away from negativity, creating space for positivity and healing.


🌟 Dance with Intention and Integrity: Every motion, every turn, every jump is done with a purpose. We teach you to dance with tension and release, ensuring that your movements are not just beautiful, but also filled with integrity.


Join us for a transformative experience where you'll not only learn to dance but rediscover yourself. 

Recommendations for class:

  • Wear a flowing long skirt or scarf over trousers, this helps with the movement. Comfortable clothing.

  • We recommend to only eat light food or nothing before class (tea and water will be provide).

  • Please be aware that Inner Senses is not responsible for any injuries sustained during the dance class. We trust that you to inform us if you have any health conditions

* Terms:

  • Payment has to be completed before start of the course

  • If you are not able to attend classes, we will not refund money. However it is allowed for a friend to take your place.

  • If for some reason we have to reschedule a class due to unforeseen reasons, we are entitled to propose an alternative date.

For information

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Aisha & Amanda

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10.00 - 18.00 o'clock





Saturday 25 November in Wassenaar

Sunday 26 November in The Hague.


Special 20% discount for our visitors.

Discover the best of Ayurvedic Beauty from India and other fabulous natural lifestyle products. The ideal conscious gifting.


  • Iconic beauty serums

  • Long revered hair care oils

  • Delightful toiletry bags

  • Traditional healing herbal body oils

  • Surprising mouth care products

  • Clean deodorants

  • Exquisite hand-made eye pillows

  • Heavenly aromatic massage oils

  • Deep sleep oils

  • Artisanal soaps

  • Herbal water mists

  • Incredible shampoos

  • Divine shower gels

  • and all with beautiful gift wrapping

We are proud of our unique collection, very carefully selected upcoming brands from India you won’t find anywhere else.


Like us, our brands are actively involved in ‘being the change you want to see in the world’.

Don t miss this opportunity, we are only open for 2 days:


  • Touch, smell and experiment all products,

  • Get personal advice,

  • Enjoy special pop-up discount,

  • Find the right natural gift for you and your loved ones in a beautiful wrapping.


Looking forward to welcome you!



Saturday 25  & Sunday 26 NOVEMBER

from 10.00 to 18.00


Pop-up Saturday 25 November:

Inner Senses | Ayurveda & Yoga
Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 1a
2242 Wassenaar 
The Netherlands


From 10.00 to 18.00


Pop-up Sunday 26 November:

Celebesstraat 90

2585 TP Den Haag


From 10.00 to 18.00

For information

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Amanda and Gabriella


Travel India

Kerala India Ayurveda & Yoga retreat 

Prices from: € 127,- per day (ex vlucht)

Location: Indimasi, Kerala, India

Amanda from Inner Senses together with Yogi Shivan from Indimasi have joined together so that anyone that is interested in better health has the opportunity to travel to Kerala India to stay in the safe, caring environment of Indimasi healing village. Located in a unique spot surrounded by mountains, in co-existance with mother nature. in a lush green 9 acre campus, this spot boosts so much positive energy.

You will stay in one of the residential air-conditioned villas, there is a swimming pool, outdoor theatre, beautiful Yoga area, stage programmes such as kalaippayattu, temple atrs, music.

The programe when you are there a meeting with Guru yogi Shivan to guide you with meditation and your spiritual journey.

The Doctors will offer a programme of treatments, herbs depending on your health needs.

Food is treated as medicine, prepared from organic vegetables and fruit harvested from Indimasi land and dairy farm.


They work along side hospitols helping people combat many diferent types of disease from burnout, exhaustion, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer.

Initiation of Siddha yoga and pranayama breathing for all levels, twice a day under a shaded temple Arts centre.

  • Daily guidance of meditation and yoga to waken one’s intuitive faculties that can be practised to stimulate each individual natural healing potential.

Package includes:

- Airport Transfers from Trivandrum International Airport.

- Accommodation

- Two Ayurveda Treatments per day.

- All meals as per Doctors advice.

- Daily Yoga & Meditation

- 1 Day Trivandrum City Heritage Experience.

- Basic orientation with Kalari course.



Flights are not included and need to be booked by yourself. Price for the return flight is from about 650 Euro, depending on flight times and Airline.

It is possible to extend your visit if you wish. I am happy to discuss the options or maybe particular health issues you would like to address during your stay.

For information


Amanda Dries

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