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Acne can be treated

Herbs and change of diet can have dramatic long lasting results. Western medicine will treat acne quickly with harsh medications that can have damaging side effects long term.

Acne is a disease that can occur throughout life, so without the person making changes it will be a constant battle with their skin. It is important to treat this as quickly as possible as it can have traumatic psychological effect and can leave severe scarring.

Acne is directly connected to imbalanced rakta and the metabolism. When waste products are not being eliminated on a daily basis, the channels will block and there will be aggravation through the skin. Pitta dosha gets aggravated by substances that create too much heat and acidity. Kapha creates too much mucus and forms blockage of the channels with cold, sticky substances. Vata creates excessive air and movement this causes severe inflammation in the skin. Every person is unique, each case of acne varies.

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